Hey, I’m Peter. 

I serve people who are looking for freedom because they feel bound. I help them find this freedom by helping them find the source of their problems and show them how to get rid of them.

I’ve got a crazy-awesome testimony where I used to be an atheist for eight years of my life before I gave my life to Christ. I have more than ten years of experience of being on staff at a church as their technology manager. I also own a web design business where I help business owners get exceptional websites for their company.

I learned about legal rights after getting into $125,000 of credit card debt

It started when I needed to make some extra money for my family because my job at the church wasn’t enough.

Over a period of five years, I tried different business ideas but most of them failed. 

After getting into debt and being so close to not being able to make our mortgage payment, I asked God what I was doing wrong.

God showed me that I was putting my trust in myself and not in Him and so I was committing idolatry. I didn’t know that!

I asked God for forgiveness and that’s when I got my breakthrough! He got me out of debt and I started to receive many blessings.

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